"Ghost in a Jar" Almost Sold on Ebay!

By R. Spook

June 13, 2003 05:00 PM EDT


On May 26, 2003, Teajay101 of Arkansas began his auction at $99 for "Ghost In A Jar! No Joke Serious Inquiry Only." The auction hawked a mysterious eerie glass cylinder with cryptic painted markings. Teajay101 claimed that he "would not be held responsible" if the "black thing" escaped the jar, and that "all sales are final."

After numerous bids (and cancellations), the auction ended seven days later at a whopping $50,922.  As is the case with many high profile Ebay auctions, the high bidder did not pay, and there was no actual sale.

However, the auction ignited a selling frenzy for "Ghost in a Jar" t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, paintings and more. There were numerous Ebay auctions that included "PMS in a Jar," "Ghost Retreat for Ghost in a Jar," "Stand for Your Ghost in a Jar," "Vacation Home for Ghost in a Jar" and thousands of other offerings.

Ebay deleted most of these related auctions, and there were many legitimate postings that became casualties of the broad ban on "Ghost in a Jar" merchandise, including some auctions that happened to have "jar" or "ghost" in their titles, but were entirely unrelated to Teajay101's auction.

Teajay101 sold memberships to a "Ghost in a Jar Club" and also signed pictures of himself and the jar. However, he has still has not actually sold the jar pictured in the auction.

Despite Ebay's effort to squash the interest surrounding this historic and bizarre auction, it will always be remembered as the first unusual online auction to garner national attention.



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